Cut separation Laboratory

You have created both thin section and powder already in Thin Section Laboratory and Sample Crushing Laboratory. This room offers you extra preparations. You want to polish surface of thin section in mirror quality to make probe analyses reproducible. We installed vibration polisher to avoid scratch and this gives you flat surface with valley less than 3 micron. You want to separate zircons from powder for U-Pb dating. We installed a shaking table to separate zircon physically. For meteorite studies, you want to cut rocks gently. We installed two saws to cut rocks with spacial resolution of 25 mm and 1 mm, respectively. To make further small pieces down to 50 micron, we utilize FIB.

Cutting and sample preparation Laboratory - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Cutting Room
Buehler IsoMet100
Buehler VibroMet 2
Dicing Saw
Wire Saw

Technical Utilities

  • Rock saw
  • Maruto Mini-lab-cutter, MC-11
  • Buehler Precision saw, IsoMet 1000
  • New Metals and Chemicals Corp. Single wire saw, CS-203
  • Disco dicing saw, DAD522
  • Grinding table
  • Maruto prepalap, MG-300
  • Struers polisher, Dap-V/LaboPol-5/RotoPol-35 with PdM-Force-20 MD grinding systems
  • Buehler vibratory polisher, VibroMet2

Analytical Capabilities

  • Cutting at different scale and sizes the inorganic materials
  • Slicing at different size the rock samples
  • Mineral mechanical separation by density