Our goal is to describe atoms that represent element distribution of the Solar system that are continuously evolving from the beginning to the future. To understand the Solar system with spatial scale 1013 m, we analyze planetary materials that are from different origin with different processes, and determine element and isotope compositions with spatial resolution down to 10-9 m.

Planetary materials besides terrestrial ones are the rolling stones that are sampled with locality unknown. To fill the important missing information, we developed a protocol that is to determine multiple-elements, multiple-isotopes, and multiple-phases. We referred the approach to be 'comprehensive' and construct an analytical system that let us do so. The system acts as a gigantic machine with numerous instruments glued by analytical methods and disciplined people. The disciplines and samples would be taken over to the next generation to sustain our science.

We work as a team and prefer arguments scientifically.


Update on International Symposium MISASA VII


The International Symposium MISASA VII: Sample-returns and Astrobiology has been set up to be hold on December 19-21.

1) Registration deadline is December 3rd, register on HERE!

2) Abstract submission deadline is due to December 3rd, submit it HERE!


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Dec. 18, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar by Maya-Liliana Avramescu

Dec. 11, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar by Xiaoyu Zhou

Dec. 4, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar by Nhgiem Van Dao

Nov. 20, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar by Tulibako Mwaisuba Tulibonwya

Nov. 13, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar Prof. Nakao (Kyoto Pref. University)

Oct. 13, 10:00 AM in 3F Seminar Room
Seminar by Wei Zhang and Nurcan Kucukarslan