Doctoral Studies

The PML group is highly committed to the training of highly qualified young scientists. The training that students receive includes a high level academic formation and technical experience in a world-class laboratory completely in English during the five years Doctoral course studies. Education in the PML group offers a large variety of courses in topics that includes cosmochemistry and geochemistry and implements a revolutionary system with a full interaction between students and

The educational program offered at PML is an unique program in the world where the students are able to develop themselves with a complete freedom in a world-class laboratory developing their own unique skills. During the five years Ph.D. program offered at Pheasant Memorial Laboratory the students receive a basic formation from the faculty and staff members during the first three years, while they learn the basic principles of chemistry, cosmochemistry and geochemistry. The major courses offered at PML ranges are:

The 5 year Ph.D. program also is unique because the great benefits that the students receive, such as: Economical support, fully English academic affairs assistance, complete freedom and fully covered research, special lectures from top world international researchers, all them during the whole duration of the program. In terms of guidance and supervision, the student will continuosly interact with the faculty and staff members of the group in order to receive critical advices to improve his scientific thinking together with a guidance in all the tecniches necessary in order to adquire a fully comprehensive geochemical dataset that derives in an unique result and discussion for the proposed research.

Finally, the students has to accomplish two evaluation requirments. The first requirment is to pass the Ph.D candidacy examination where the student has to defend the reserach conducted during the first two years of the program. The evaluation will be conducted by a committee formed by faculty members from the institute together with an international examiner. If the students is able to pass this evalution will continue it own research for the remaining three years until the Ph.D defense, where again an international examiner will be invited. However, if the student is not able to pass the candidacy evaluation will be asked to leave the program. In this particular case, a committee could grant the student with a Master degree if the student's perfomance during the first two years accomplish the requirments of the the possible awarded degree.

PhD Doctoral Studies Flux Diagram