Sample Crushing Laboratory

The first step after a field trip is, to pick a rock of interest from the host rock. Then crash and cut rocks, and make a thin section and powers. After you register your rocks into the rock depository referred as DREAM, it is time to create both powder and thin sections. This lab is dedicated to crash rocks and deal minerals. One of two rooms is dedicated only for crushing. During crushing period, rock powder flies on the air and water flushes the floor. It is not recommended to go into the ultimate clean room with rock powders stick around you. You roughly crash a rock by Jaw crusher and turn into powder by Disk Mill. On the other room, to draw isochron, mineral separation would be conducted. There are two ways to do so by magnetic separation by Frantz Isodynamic Separator and density separations using heavy liquid. Or you separate minerals using a combination of microscope, tweezers, hands, and eyeballs.

Crushing Sample Laboratory - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Crushing Room
Jaw Crusher
Disk Mill
Rod Mill
Frantz Isodynamic Separator
Heavy Liquid Separation

Technical Utilities

  • Jaw crusher
  • Disk mill
  • Rod Mill
  • Frantz magnetic separators (Vertical and Inclined)

Analytical Capabilities

  • Preparation of sample powder
  • Separation of different fraction sizes
  • Mineral magnetic separation
  • Heavy liquid mineral separation