Thin Section Laboratory

Rule of thumb for a field trip is, before you relax, make thin sections. You create both thin section and powder from each chunk. This lab is dedicated to create thin section. You may think thin section making by yourself looks ancient custom. That is true but high-precision probe analysis relay on a good surface. It is a good idea to learn how to make a good thin section. You cut rock by gigantic rock saw, or moderate Maruto Mini Lab cutter. The surface of rock is roughly polished by Grinding Table using iron powder. The rock is glued into glass and the very thick section would be sliced down to thin section using Maruto prepalap.

Thin section Laboratory - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Thin Section Room
Rock Saw
Grinding Table
Maruto Mini Lab Cutter
Maruto prepalap, MG-300
Struers polisher, Dap-V/LaboPol-5/RotoPol-35

Technical Utilities

  • Rock saw
  • Maruto Mini-lab-cutter, MC-11
  • Grinding table
  • Maruto prepalap, MG-300
  • Struers polisher, Dap-V/LaboPol-5/RotoPol-35 with PdM-Force-20 MD grinding systems

Analytical Capabilities

  • Cutting to different sizes the rocks specimens
  • Grinding rock surfaces
  • Polishing at different scales
  • Preparation of resins
  • Thin and Thick sections confection