Two of our PML students have passed their mid-term-defense examination!


On September 18th, PML students, Maya-Liliana Avramescu and Tulibako Mwaisuba Tulibonwya, passed their mid-term-defense examination. For their examination, two highly esteemed scientists came as guest examiners: Dr. John Maclennan from Cambridge University, UK and Prof. Shuyun Cao from China University of Geoscience in Wuhan.

Maya's work focuses on the morphological and structural analysis of the absestos ferruginous bodies (AFBs), which are known to cause malignant mesothelioma (MM). The premise of this study is linking the morphology of the AFBs to their chemistry for the elucidation of the aetiology of MM. Moreover, investigation of adsorption behaviours of certain toxic elements, such as radium, could further justify the role of AFB’s in MM carcinogenesis.

In the case of Tulibako, her study focus on the multi-approach geochemical investigation of mafic to felsic plutonic rocks in SW Japan. Her research includes dating and determining the major, trace and isotopic composition of the above rocks rocks. With her complex geochemical data, she is trying to discern the origin of plutonic rocks in SW Japan. Furthermore, she will attempt to explain the mechanism that originated the aforementioned rocks and the physical conditions necessary for their genesis. Finally, she hopes to elucidate how the continental crust of SW Japan evolved with time.

Photo of the party after Maya and Tulibako presentation.