Basic Chemistry lab

The lab has facilities for major-element analysis of geological materials, consisting of high-temperature furnace, precision balance, and chemical fume food. Titration called Wilson’s procedure is applied to determine ferrous iron abundance. Gravimetric method is applied to determine volatile abundance in rocks.

Methods and techniques:

  • T. Yokoyama and E. Nakamura (2002). Precise determination of ferrous iron in silicate rocks, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 66(6), 1085-1093.

  • Basic Chemistry laboratory 1F - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

    Balances sartorius
    Muffle furnace and Drying oven

    Technical Utilities

    • Precision balances (Satorius R200D and R180D)
    • Drying oven (Masuda SA46)
    • Muffle furnace (Advantec KM-420)
    • Hot plate
    • Chemical fume food
    • Titrator (Schott TITRONIC96)

    Analytical Capabilities

    • Determination of waters in rocks (H2O+ and H2O-) with precision 1% (1σ)
    • Determination of ferrous iron with precision 1% (1σ).

    Related Work