This blog is dedicated to the all the students that joining evey year to the Misasa International Students Intership Program. The main purpose of this blog is that students can share their exciting expirencies during the six weeks program and their scientifc discoveries.

MISIP2018: Kyle Dayton

The MISIP2018 has ended up and here we have the description of the last week done by Kyle Dayton. The program has ended up and the students have done an amazing job!!

by Kyle Dayton, 08/13/2018

MISIP2018: Noah Miklusicak

The MISIP2018 is reaching it's ending, and here we have Noah Miklusicak explaining how the program is going at the last moments. A lot of data, time to compile it and make sense of it, it is a lot of work!

by Noah Miklusicak, 08/06/2018

MISIP 2018: Alexandra Ostroverkhova

The fourth week of the MISIP 2018 is here, and Alexandra Ostroverkhova is explaining her experiencies during the program, only two weeks to go and the brarinstorming is starting!

by Alexandra Ostroverkhova, 07/30/2018

MISIP 2018: Aisha Abdalla AlOwais

MISIP 2018 is progressing and now Abdalla AlOwais will share her experiences during the intership program. Already three weeks has passed and the data and excitment are increasing!

by Aisha Abdalla AlOwais, 07/23/2018

MISIP2018: Hope Tornabene

Second week of MISP2018 from the eyes of Hope Tornabene! New adventures on meteorites and new experiences on Japan.

by Hope Tornabene, 07/16/2018

MISIP2018: Gerrit Postema

Gerrit Postema, introduce his experience during the first week of the MISIP2018.

by Gerrit Postema, 07/09/2018