MISIP 2018 web has been launched


The website for the Misasa International Student Intership Program 2018 (MISIP 2018) has been launched. In this website you would be able to find a general descritpion of the program, as well as the available project for this current year. This program available for advanced undergraduate (3rd to 4th year) or graduate (1st to 2nd year, including master course) students majoring in earth sciences, physics, chemistry, materials sciences, or related fields wants to give the chance for students to work in a top level institution for resarch in the world. With this experience we hope to awake the curiosity and the passion for research of young and new talents. Moreover, this program also aims to connect the institution with all the world, in order to create new bonds with the academic institutions from large amount of countries.

In the Pheasant Memorial Laboratory (PML) this year we will work on carbonaceous chondrites by applying a comprehensive geochemical analyses in order to do so, three carbonaceous chondrites will be studied focusing geochemical description of both whole rock and the matrix materials using destructive and non-destructive techniques. Students will simulate an initial analysis of the materials returned from Ryugu. During the program, you have chances to analyze carbonaceous chondrites by several techniques that include SEM, EPMA, SIMS, LA-ICPMS, ICPMS, TIMS, and TEM. Detail information about the program can be founded in page dedicated to the Intership program within PML website (PML MISIP).