Post-doctoral fellow Dr. Yanqing Li has returned to China after finishing her research at PML


Dr. Yan-Qing Li joined PML as a post-doctral fellow with the mission of study the volcanism in SE China. Her project included a multi-geochemical study, including: petrographic description, major- and trace- elemental characteristics and finally Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes. These data have been published recently in an article entitled "Various Ages of Recycled Material in the Source of Cenozoic Basalts in Southeast China: Implications for the Role of the Hainan Plume" at Journal of Petrology.

Moreover, Dr. Yan-Qing Li also expanded her analyses including B and Li isotopes with the hope of elucidate the different role of the materials that recycle during the subduction processes and modify and alter the mantle geochemistry and possibly induce different geodynamic procecess such as mantle plume ascent. These resuts will publish as well in high impact international journal soon.

Farewell group photo of Dr. Yanqing Li