Xiaoyu Zhou has succesfully completed her phD!


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Xiaoyu Zhou has succesfully defended her phD entitled: "Analytical development for precise an accurate determination of highly siderophile elements in geological samples and its application to the study of Horoman peridotite massif, Japan". A small summary of her Thesis is presented below.


An effective analytical method was developed for the determination of HSE mass fractions and Os isotopic compositions in geological samples, by high-resolution ICP-MS and N-TIMS, respectively. The procedure enabled the use of the same aliquot for both ICP-MS and N-TIMS measurements and utilised an isotope dilution method. In particular, when the HF-desilicification was performed following sample decomposition, trace amounts of Zr, forming stable fluoro-complex, cannot be removed by Ln resin. Chelex 100 resin, however, can effectively separate Pd from the Zr fluoro-complex.

Moreover, no interference correction is required for the measurements of Ru, Pd, Re, Ir and Pt for both desilicified and non-desilicfied geological samples. For its application to Horoman peridotites, which is one of the least altered peridotite massifs in the world, we determined HSE abundances and 187Os/188Os ratios of a suite of samples, ranging from fertile plagioclase lherzolites through refractory spinel lherzolites to highly depleted spinel hazrburgites, and subordinated dunite, which recorded multiple mantle processes.

We wish her the best success in her career and in her future!