A new student from China joined us!


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Wei Zhang has recently joined our team as a doctoral student. After completing an undergraduate in Geography at the Normal University of Jiangxi, Wei undertook a Master degree in Structural Geology at Zhejiang University. The title of the Master thesis was “An Jurassic “Andean-type” continental margin in South China” and the study focused on the Jurassic orogeny and arc magma in the South China margin associated with Paleo-Pacific subduction through geochemistry analyses of felsic rocks, sedimentary and detrital zircon provenance research.

Wei Zhang has joined the team with the aim of discovering the subduction mechanism and magma migration process, especially in SW Japan and West Pacific. In order to achieve this aim, he will utilize some non-traditional isotopes, such as B, Hf, Li and Mg. These relationships are believed to have been important in determining the origin of volatiles in the arc region and, the evolution of slab tear and associated slab or mantle melting.

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