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Pheasant Memorial Laboratory (PML) website is currently being updated. Many new contents are added every week. Moreover, several of the previous pages have been reimaginated. For instance, the Laboratory page have been grouped as a one single page including all the information with a short introduction about the laboratory phylosophy and methodology. Linked to this page, is it possible to find information about our Comprehensive Analytical System for Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials (CASTEM). Another updated incorporated to the website is an introductory text to the projects that are currently under development at the laboratory, and also new projects such as: Future Planetary Expolaration and Sample Return mission, Earth's Early Life and Astrobiology. All these new projects has started due to the clear new global tendency of the interest in the Extraterrestrial Materials and possible existence of life in other planetary systems. That is the main reason that has impulsed PML to focus on these new projects in order to follow up the world leading science. Please check our Projects page to find all the information about the research being conducted at PML. Finally, but no less important we are keeping a track of all the PhD students that graudate from PML and as a new imput we also keep tracking all the related work and articles that are published based on their PhD research. All this information can be adressed at the Alumni page.

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