Nurcan Küçükarslan has passed her mid-defense!


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Proposed research:

Nurcan Küçükarslan, phD student has passed recently her mid-defense and we are so happy for her! She did an excellent performance during it! In her proposed research entitled "An Assemblage of Ancient Iron Finds from Kaman-Kalehöyük, Yassıhöyük and Büklükale in Central Anatolia (Turkey)", selected iron finds from three ancient sites of Central Anatolia were analyzed. Her project will try to elucidate the origin and the processes of these iron objects. In order to accomplish that, a combined archaelogical and comprehensive geochemical study will be conducted in this group of samples.

Preliminary results:

In terms of archaeology, it is very well known that Hittites were professional on making iron tools. The current project will search for why Hittites were so advanced in making iron tools by analyzing the objects found before the Hittites period. Based on preliminary results on morphology and geochemistry of the iron finds, it has been possible to trace back how earlier the iron making history was in Anatolia (Turkey). Specifically, morphology can provide the information about what and how these iron finds were used during ancient times. In terms of composition, the iron finds uncover if they are processed intentionally or naturally formed. With these two informations, Nurcan will be able to enlight the early history of iron making at the Central Anatolia during Bronze Age.

Future Plan:

Combining the archaeological context with the analytical data obtained precisely by material analyses, this study will conclude how the ancient metalworkers attempt to process iron sources in Early Bronze Age at Anatolia locally or if they were influenced by the newcomers from outside this region.