A new student from Turkey has arrived!


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Nurcan Kucukarslan, Master student in Archaeology has joined us a graduate student. Her background eductaction includes MA in Archaeology and a BA in Computer Engineering and minor program in Archaeology both of them obtained at Bilkent University, Ankara (Turkey). Nurcan's Master thesis was entitled "Middle Iron Age Pottery from Yassıhöyük (Kırşehir): A Central Anatolian Assemblage (2017)" and was supervided by the Associate Professor Dr. Marie-Henriette Gates

In her carrier until now, she has joined as a member of Kaman-Kalehoyuk and Yassıhoyuk Excavation Teams which was conducted by the Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology, Kaman (Tukey) since 2013. Furthermore, her main research interested include: Pottery Analysis, Pottery Production and Consumption, Iron Age Pottery in Central Anatolia, Pottery Illustration. Nurcan has arrived to us opening a new branch of material science that includes the Archeology as a new research field in our interest of work! We are very excited with this new oportunity and moreover to learn more new thing in a new brand of science with a great future!

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