MISIP 2017


The internship program 2017 ended successfully. On the program 2017, element distribution of three eucrites, that are basalt from differentiated asteroid, are described in comprehensive fashion. First, they identify phases (olivine, plagioclase, and minor phases) in a rock using SEM-EDS. They determine major and trace element concentrations of each phases using in-situ micron beam techniques (EPMA, SIMS, and LA-ICPMS).

Moreover, they analyze powder to determine major and trace element concentration of whole-rock (XRF, ICP-MS, and TIMS). By comparison of the sum of elements in phases and that of whole rock, they discussed transportation of elements in asteroid by post igneous process including impact events. The participants are Tanya Kizovski, Sam Edwards, Chad Dodge, Susana Maria Hoyos Munoz, Hsin-Yu Chen, and Katarzyna Liszewska. We miss them!

Eizo Nakamura welcomes new students
Students prepared to enter in the lab
Student presenting her project
Students symposium presentation
President Makino visit
Farewell picture for the students