A collaboration between PML and Group of Atmospheric science (GAS) at Luleå University of Technology has been established


The Professors Javier Martin-Torres and Maria-Paz Zorzano Mier from the Group of Atmospheric science (GAS) at Luleå University of Technology visited the Pheasant Memorial Laboratory at Misasa. During this very intense week of scientific discussions also we were able to enjoy two outstanding seminars about how water can be produced in Mars and also a very exclusive talk about the project HABIT which is a fundamental instrument of the Exomars2020 space mission. Moreover, this visit has also enhanced the collaboration between PML and GAS because now Javier Martin-Torres is a Specially Appointed Professor at PML, Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University. With this professional ties we hope to expand the planetary material view of the group not only within the analytical, but also toward the physics and engineering fields. We are looking forwards to see the results from this great collaboration among both groups!

Seminar given by Prof. Javier Martin-Torres
Seminar given by Prof. Maria-Paz Zorzano Mier
Farewell party for Javier and Maria-Paz