Christian Potiszil, new PostDoctoral Rearcher in Astrochemistry joined us!


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Christian has recently joined the institute as a Postdoctoral researcher concerned with the origin and evolution of organic matter over the course of the solar systems history. After completing an undergraduate and master’s degree in Geology at the University of Bristol, Christian undertook a PhD in organic geochemistry at Imperial College London. The title of the PhD thesis was “Chemical Attack on Fragments of Asteroids” and the study focused on the elucidation of CM2 carbonaceous chondrites through chemical degradation, GC-MS and FTIR and Raman spectroscopy.

Christian has joined the institute with the aim of developing both experimental and instrumental analysis techniques to further probe organic matter in the solar system. In order to achieve this aim he will study both organic matter and the relationships between mineral and organic matter phases present in extra-terrestrial bodies. These relationships are believed to have been important in determining the current organic matter present in extra-terrestrial bodies throughout our solar system.

Thubnail image credits to: NASA Link