Beginning of 2018 major events


On February 1 and 2, we had two special lectures by Prof. Takashi Nakano from the Research Center for Nuclear Physics, Osaka University and Prof. Hiroyuki Hama form the Research Center for Electron Photon Science, Tohoku University. The lectures were an overview of how their respective institutions are managed. Moreover, both lectures introduced the new applications of particles physics: how the applicaiton of synchrotron and muon particles can annalyze the chemical composition without modifying the structure of the analyzed target. Thanks to these lectures it was possible to understand how other research institute in Japan had overcome many difficulties and establish the current research environment. We are hoping for a good across relationship and look forward for our future research collaboration.

Special lecture given by Professor Takashi Nakano
Special lecture given by Professor Hiroyuki Hama

Two of our graduate students, Mr. Tai Nguyen Truong and Mr. Dejene Hailemariam Feyissa successfully completed their Ph.D. dissertation defense. The respective dissertation titles are “Petrologic and geochemical evidence for diversity of magma compositions at the Ethiopian volcanic province: implications for thermos-chemical plume influence” by Dejene and “Petrological, geochronological and geochemical study of late Cenozoic volcanic rocks from the Chugoku district, southwest Japan: Implications for the evolution of subduction zone and volcanic arc” by Tai. We really appreciate Dr. Walter Mooney from U.S. Geological survey and Dr. Tyrone Rooney from Michigan State University for being external examiner for each presentation and for the constructive advises provided.

Dejene Hailemariam Feyissa dissertation defense presentation
Tai Truong Nguyen dissertation defense presentation