XRF lab

The PANalytical Axios Advanced is a X-ray fluorescence spectrometer which is used to determine abundances of Si, Ti, Al, Fe, Mn, Mg, Ca, Na, K, P, Cr, and Ni in geological materials. The instrument is equipped with a sample changer, allowing to fully automated analysis (1 sample/hour).

Methods and techniques:

  • Hiroyuki Takei (2002). Development of Precise Analytical Techniques for Major and Trace Element Concentrations in Rock Samples and Their Applications to the Hishikari Gold Mine, Southern Kyushu, Japan, 164 pp., Okayama Univ, Misasa, Japan.

  • XRF Laboratory - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

    Crucible Preparation Lab
    Crucible Baking Instrument
    XRF Instrument

    Technical Utilities

    • PANalytical Axios Advanced

    Analytical Capabilities

    • Quantitative analysis of silicate rocks/minerals: Si, Ti, Al, Fe, Mn, Mg, Ca, Na, K, and P (precision 1%,); Cr and Ni (precision 3%)
    • Calibration is performed using the reference standards with accuracy of 1% for Si, Ti, Al, Fe, Mn, Mg, Ca, Na, K and P, and 3% for Cr and Ni (14 igneous rocks provided from Geological Survey of Japan).
    • Homogenous glass bead is prepared by fusion of powdered sample (0.5 g) mixed with Li2B4O7 flux (5 g) using the automated fusion machine (Tokyo Kagaku TK-4500 equipped with TK-5910 controller).